Collagen Cell Carrier® Membrane (CCC Membrane), Viscofan Bioengineering

Supplier: Viscofan Bioengineering

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Collagen Cell Carrier® Membrane (CCC Membrane), Viscofan Bioengineering
Cell Culture Media
Biocompatible bovine collagen cell carrier membranes for cell culture and implantable R&D projects.

  • Universal culture of adherent cells
  • Implantation of cell cultures by suturing to the target location
  • Transferable 2D and 3D cultures on top of the CCC
  • Cell culture at liquid-air interface
  • Highly purified collagen type I

The Collagen Cell Carrier® membrane (CCC) is a mobile cell carrier developed for applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Exceptional native collagen fibers, isolated in their complex form from bovine skin represent a natural environment for adherent cells. The special feature: with their preserved strength the fibers build an ultrapure collagen membrane that is self-supportive and enables transfer and further processing of intact cell and tissue cultures on the natural matrix. GMP grade is available on special order contact your Avantor representative.

The CCC is a universal scaffold for adherent primary cells, cell lines and stem cells for in vitro and in vivo use. It creates a natural environment for cell attachment, growth and differentiation in applications ranging from simple cell monolayer cultures to the reconstruction of complex 3D tissue cultures on top of the membrane. As a universal matrix, the CCC facilitates the development of cell-based assays with authentic cell performance.

The strong membrane uniquely offers the opportunity to easily transfer the intact cell-matrix-complex and proceed to standard analyses, such as fluorescence microscopy, protein analysis or histology.

Certifications: ISO 9001
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