qScript® Ultra Flex Kits, Quantabio

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qScript® Ultra Flex Kits, Quantabio
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Faster, longer, tougher next gen cDNA synthesis with flexible priming.

  • Enhanced thermostability – Engineered for RT activity up to 65 °C, overcoming challenging secondary structures
  • Superior speed and ease of use – 10 minute reaction time with fewer pipetting steps
  • Maximum yield and sensitivity – Improved cDNA yield with limiting or compromised samples
  • Ultimate inhibitor resistance – Overcome a wide array of PCR inhibitors (salt, heparin, hematin, etc.)
  • Longer transcripts – Ability to reverse transcribe single targets up to 20 kb

qScript Ultra Flex Kit is easy-to-use and highly efficient for the synthesis of first-strand cDNA with flexible priming methods including Oligo-dT, Random Hexamer and Gene Specific Priming to reverse transcribe RNA to cDNA. A key component is a novel, state-of-the-art, RNase H deficient reverse transcriptase that was engineered for improved thermostability, velocity, processivity, and resistance to many common reaction inhibitors.

qScript Ultra Flex Kit contains all required components for first-strand cDNA synthesis except RNA template and gene specific primers. The cDNA product is directly compatible with downstream 2-step RT-qPCR or RT-PCR procedures.

qScript Ultra Flex Kit has an optimal reaction temperature of 55 °C and a 10-min reaction time, significantly reducing time to result while working through challenging secondary RNA structures. The lower Cq values for the engineered qScript Ultra reverse transcriptase indicate more efficient cDNA synthesis at high temperatures, critical for progressing through high GC regions and regions of RNA secondary structure.
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