Meat Sampler for Carcass Sampling, Bürkle

Supplier: Bürkle

76501-440EA 148.28 USD
Meat Sampler for Carcass Sampling, Bürkle
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The drill head for carcass sampling has a hexagonal socket for bit holders or chucks, suitable for all commonly used cordless screwdrivers or drilling machines.

  • Meat sampler for microbiological sampling of carcass surfaces
  • Cutting surface diameter: 25 mm (0.98")

Slaughtering businesses (slaughterhouses, butcher's shops, etc.) are obligated as part of operational process control and for monitoring of slaughter hygiene to conduct regular microbiological examinations of carcasses for cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, and horses, etc. The samplers for carcass sampling are similar to a cork drill. They can be used in the punch process (a destructive process, also called the cork drill or excision process) to remove a circular sample of tissue of 5 cm² (0.76 inch²) from the surface. After the punch sample is cut out, it is removed from the carcass with a scalpel and tweezers.

The sampling drills can also be used for other sampling purposes including histology, medicine, the food and luxury items industries, cheese factories, and agriculture. The sharp stainless steel cutting edge makes it easy to cut out sample pieces. A hole in the crown prevents air compression and is also used to eject the samples. The samplers are easy to sterilize, for example by flaming or steam sterilization.

Certifications: For sampling in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17604:2015-12.
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