Kleenpak™ Capsules with HDC® II Membrane for Liquid Applications, Pall Laboratory

Supplier: Pall Laboratory
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Kleenpak™ Capsules with HDC® II Membrane for Liquid Applications, Pall Laboratory
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The HDC II filter medium is comprised of a high performance pleated cartridge with a polypropylene filter medium.

  • Clean and robust design
  • Exceptionally simple and reliable operation
  • High security against filter bypass is ensured, even under conditions of pulsed flow
  • High-strength design allows multiple autoclave cycles for extended use and maximum filter economy
  • Polypropylene outer shell is designed to provide long-term assurance of pressure and temperature ratings
  • Internal hold-up volume and dead space is minimized for maximum product recovery
  • A total absence of glues, binder resins and surfactants results in very low filter extractables and extremely clean filtrate

The medium is produced by varying the fiber diameter continuously to provide a pore-size distribution from coarse (upstream) to fine (downstream) while maintaining constant void-volume throughout the depth of the filter medium.

The varied fiber diameter means extraordinary contaminant-holding capacity, maximum flow rate, and low costs per liter of filtered fluid. The fixed pore structure means that contaminants will not unload under variations in flow or pressure differential, and fibers will not migrate or become dislodged to contaminate process fluids.

The self-contained design of each Kleenpak filter means that operator intervention and exposure during filter installation and change-out are minimized. Vent and drain connections with seal protected threads and precision molded valves.
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