VWR® Contour™ Sliding Glass Door Units

Supplier: VWR International
VWR® Contour™
CWS41841336-A CFS41842248-A CFS41842236-A CFS41841648-A CWS41842236-A CFS41841348-A CWS41841636-A CFS41841336-A CFS41841636-A CWS41842248-A
CFS41841336-AEA 3450 USD
CFS41841336-A CFS41841348-A CWS41842248-A CFS41842248-A CFS41842236-A CFS41841636-A CFS41841648-A CWS41842236-A CWS41841636-A CWS41841336-A
VWR® Contour™ Sliding Glass Door Units
Furniture Casework
VWR® tall unit with sliding glass doors.

  • Sliding glass doors
  • Tall unit
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