Blotting Membranes, Amersham Hybond™ ECL™, Cytiva

Supplier: Cytiva
Amersham™ Hybond™ N+
95038-316PK 484.2 USD
CA95038-426L 95038-316 95038-426 CA95038-316L
Blotting Membranes, Amersham Hybond™ ECL™, Cytiva
Transfer Membranes
Hybond™ ECL™ gives excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background for all labelling and detection systems (radioactive, non radioactive, and chromogenic), especially when used with ECL™, ECL™ Prime, and ECL™ Plex Western Blotting Detection kits and reagents. Special packaging features include interleaf on both sides of the membrane and air-tight resealable aluminium bag with label space for marking the 'opened on' date.

  • 100% pure nitrocellulose membrane validated for use with all ECL™ Western blotting systems and for all protein blotting applications
  • Special packaging features enhance membrane performance in terms of handling and consistency of results

Pore size: 0,45 µm
Minimal protein size required: 7 kDa
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