VICTOR® Nivo™ Multimode Plate Reader, PerkinElmer

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VICTOR® Nivo™ Multimode Plate Reader, PerkinElmer
Microplate Readers
The VICTOR® Nivo™ system packs all popular detection modes into the industry’s smallest multimode reader footprint. The perfect microplate reader for everyday biochemical assays, cell-based assays, molecular biology and immunoassays. Its software interface is easy to learn and use, and lets you control the instrument from almost any device – perfect for multiuser labs. The VICTOR Nivo is a high-performance multimode microplate reader that can be equipped with all major detection technologies: Absorbance, Luminescence, Fluorescence, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, TR-FRET, Fluorescence Polarization, and Alpha Technology.

  • Extremely compact, lightweight multimode plate reader which frees-up bench space and is easy to move into a biosafety cabinet or another lab
  • Dynamic Rainbow Filter Exchanger provides the flexibility of a monochromator, with the high sensitivity of a filter-based plate reader
  • Browser-based software enables the plate reader to be controlled from a variety of devices – PC, laptop or tablet, and can be controlled via direct connection or WiFi
  • Top and bottom reading, In-well Scanning, and Plate Shaking included. Compatibility with 1 to 1536 well microplates
  • Integrated temperature control (up to 65 °C) and optional gas control unit to keep cells viable during long term kinetic assays
  • Optional 2 Channel Dispenser for applications such as fast kinetics, flash luminescence assays, Calcium flux assays or dual addition assays
  • Optional Enhanced Security software for regulated environments provides technological controls and features that support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Every VICTOR Nivo comes equipped with the Dynamic Rainbow Filter Exchanger, giving you the flexibility of a monochromator, with the high sensitivity of a filter-based plate reader. It features a dynamic double-layered filter wheel that can store up to 32 filters. The filters can each be used for Excitation or Emission, and are locked in place, ideal for multi-user labs. The system is prepared to address virtually any application without the need for the user to add or remove filters between each use.

The VICTOR NIVO system’s software has a modern, workflow-oriented user interface which is easy to learn and use and includes pre-written application protocols to start generating quality data right out of the box. In addition, MyAssays Desktop software is provided for data analysis. The Enhanced Security software option provides tools to help guide you through the complexity of compliance for 21 CFR Part 11.

The browser-based control software is independent of operating system, so it can be controlled via a variety of touchscreen devices, for example Windows or Mac OS PCs or tablets. It can be operated via WiFi or a network connection, enabling experiments to be set-up, run and monitored remotely, such as outside a biosafety cabinet or from a neighboring lab.

Detection Technology Overview:
Absorbance detection is one of the most well-established microplate assay formats and is perfect for assays such as ELISA, protein and nucleic acid quantification, and enzyme activity.

Luminescence: The VICTOR Nivo system can detect a range of luminescence assay formats, including glow and BRET, and flash or dual glow (when combined with the dispenser) – perfect for applications such as reporter gene, cytotoxicity, and proliferation assays.

Fluorescence intensity is one of the most popular detection modes, and there are innumerable fluorophores available for applications such as DNA or protein quantitation, reporter-gene expression, and protein binding. Fluorescence polarization is a homogeneous assay technology that’s ideal for high-throughput screening. Fluorescein is the commonly used fluorescent label and is suitable for typical applications such as receptor-ligand binding, protein interaction, or hapten immunoassays.

Time-Resolved Fluorescence & TR-FRET: Improve the sensitivity and dynamic range of your immunoassays, even when sample is at a premium or in low concentration. TRF detection, together with lanthanide-based DELFIA, LANCE, or HTRF chemistries, offers enhanced signal-to-background ratio, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, superior stability, and excellent flexibility. The VICTOR Nivo is a HTRF certified microplate reader.

Alpha Technology: The VICTOR Nivo system features high-performance laser-based Alpha Technology, validated for use with our proprietary AlphaScreen® and AlphaLISA® technologies. Alpha no-wash assays enable fast, simple, highly sensitive detection of biomolecules in cell lysates, cell supernatants, serum, and a variety of other sample types, as well as analysis of binding assays with a broad range of affinities, with dissociation constants ranging from fM to mM. Laser-based Alpha detection allows you to measure 96- and 384 well plates in just a few minutes, while maintaining a high signal-to-background ratio. It makes fast, sensitive Alpha detection technology accessible for virtually any lab.

Caution: For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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