Monarch® gDNA Nuclei Prep and Lysis Buffer Pack, New England Biolabs

Supplier: New England Biolabs
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Monarch® gDNA Nuclei Prep and Lysis Buffer Pack, New England Biolabs
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The Monarch® gDNA Nuclei Prep and lysis buffer pack contains two lysis buffers used in the Monarch HMW DNA extraction kit for cells and blood.

  • Contains Monarch® gDNA Nuclei Prep buffer and Monarch gDNA Nuclei lysis buffer
  • Supplied as components of the Monarch HMW DNA Extraction kit for cells and blood
  • Used for rapid and efficient lysis of mammalian cells
  • 2-step lysis enables highly effective RNA removal
  • 20 ml of each buffer is included in the buffer pack

The Nuclei Prep Buffer is a mild lysis buffer used first to lyse the cell membrane and release the contents of the cytoplasm while the nuclei are kept intact. It is used pre-mixed with the RNase A enzyme included in the kit. After the RNA from the cytoplasm is digested by RNase A, the Nuclei Lysis Buffer, pre-mixed with the included Proteinase K, is used to lyse the nuclei and release the HMW genomic DNA. This two-step lysis ensures that RNA in the cytoplasm is effectively degraded before the viscous genomic DNA from the nuclei is released.

The Nuclei Prep Buffer is used chilled to 4 °C, and it can be stored at 4 °C for convenience if desired.
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