gROD H₂O₂ Decontamination Chambers, Caron Products

Supplier: Caron Products
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gROD H₂O₂ Decontamination Chambers, Caron Products
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Decontamination chamber with gFog H₂O₂ technology quickly kills pathogens on personal protective equipment, biological sample containers and other heat-sensitive items.

  • Kills bugs, protects product
  • High capacity process
  • Facility friendly

It uses patented gROD® H₂O₂ technology to deliver fast low effort decontamination of a wide range of heat-sensitive products, as well as large product volumes. H₂O₂ technology is safe and easy, unlike competing gas sterillants, and is compatible with synthetic materials that can be damaged by ovens and autoclaves. Designed for continuous use, the chamber has large shelves and can process 300 ft³ (8.5 m²) of product in 24 hours. Validated sterilization is possible for many types of product using a provided protocol. Also ideal for decontaminating personal protective equipment in emergency circumstances, with suffient sterilant volume for both porous and non-porous product. Can easily be rolled through a standard sized door, plugs into a standard power socket, no special site preparation or utilities required.

Cycle temperature: 45 °C
Cycle length: 105 minutes
Sterilant type: H₂O₂, 35%
Sterilant delivery: single use canister, sold separately
Sterliant inactivation: integral catalyzation system
Cycle security: door locks automatically

Ordering information: Accessories available separately.

Caution: Not suitable for reprocessing of FDA approved medical devices.
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