CellCover Biomolecule Stabilizing Solutions, Bulldog Bio

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CellCover Biomolecule Stabilizing Solutions, Bulldog Bio
Nucleic Acid Storage Systems
CellCover maintains a cell’s native state offering instant 'freezing' of proteins, RNA, and DNA in their cellular context. It is ideal for preserving morphology, mRNA expression patterns and protein epitopes for furhter analysis, among other uses.

  • Maintain cellular shape integrity without chemical crosslinking
  • Protect DNA, RNA, and proteins
  • Instant, 1-step protocol
  • Non-toxic and ready to use solution
  • Compatible with staining
  • Works with cells in suspension or adherence
  • Works with tissue, tumors, spheroids, and organoids

For parallel storage of proteins, RNA, and DNA in their cellular context.

CellCover was developed for fast 'one step' stabilization of biomolecules. Its non-toxic formulation instantaneously protects and preserves RNA and protein expression patterns in human and animal cell types. This includes cells found in solid tissues, such as tumors, and cultured cell clusters, such as organoids and spheroids. Labs can then analyze the treated cell’s DNA, RNA and proteins days or weeks later with almost no detectable change in levels, patterns or modifications.

The rapid fixation of RNA and proteins is very important for expression patterns to remain unchanged. With other techniques, such rapid fixation is often at the expense of other factors such as molecule crosslinking by PFA (paraformaldehyde) or cell lysis by high-salt reagents that stabilize RNA. Not so with CellCover, which instantly fixes and stabilizes cells in their true state — maintaining RNA and protein expression.
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