SP Wilmad-LabGlass Rotors and Caps for Bruker® MAS Probes, SP Industries

Supplier: SP Industries
JK-601-7181-WH WP-501-4180-SET-2 WP-601-7181 WP-501-4180-SET-5 JK-601-7181LWH WP-501-2180 JK-603-7181 WP-501-4181 WP-603-3182 WP-501-2180-SET1 WP-501-7180-SET-1 WP-501-7180-SET-5 JK-602-4181 JK-604-4181 WP-602-2182 WP-501-4180-SET-1 WP-501-3180-SET1 WP-501-7180 JK-601-7181 WP-501-7180-SET-2 WP-602-3181 JK-601-7181-L WP-602-2181 WP-603-3181 JK-603-4181 WP-601-4181 WP-501-4180 WP-602-3182 JK-601-4181 WP-501-3180
76460-048EA 155.17 USD
76460-048 76460-302 76460-288 76460-046 76460-322 76460-300 76460-044 76460-286 76460-320 76460-042 76460-284 76460-308 76460-306 76460-304 76460-040 76460-282 76460-312 76460-038 76460-310 76460-036 76460-298 76460-034 76460-296 76460-318 76460-316 76460-314 76460-294 76460-050 76460-292 76460-290
SP Wilmad-LabGlass Rotors and Caps for Bruker® MAS Probes, SP Industries
Centrifuges Rotors
MAS-NMR rotor bodies are manufactured from the highest quality Zirconia, Kel-F, Torlon® and Vespel® providing the ultimate solution for analysis of solid samples.

  • MAS rotors and caps are 100% compatible with most solid state NMR spectrometers
  • Thoroughly inspected before and after the precision machining process to ensure there are no material irregularities
  • Spin testing is performed to the highest specified spinning speed, assuring performance without overspinning the rotor
  • Spinning speeds of up to 12 kHz for 7 mm O.D. rotors
  • Some caps are fitted with O-rings for improved sealing
  • Zirconia rotor body has a strength of 1000 MPa, greater than Si₃N₄

Note: 'DB' is the abbreviation for Bruker® 'Double Bearing' style rotor. 'BL' is the abbreviation for Bruker® 'Boden Lager' (Bottom Bearing) style rotor.
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