Eisco Premium Dynamometers, Spring Scale

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470328-810EA 15.9 USD
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Eisco Premium Dynamometers, Spring Scale
Dynamometer, often referred to as spring scales, are a very accurate means to measure in grams or Newtons.

  • Made with stainless steel parts encased in a premium acrylic tube
  • Internal red cylinder allow for easy to read and accurate measurements with each use
  • Springs will not tangle or overstretch
  • Zero with a simple twist of the knob
  • Internal printing of scales will not wear off
  • Color coded for easy identification

Premium dynamometer offers all metal parts encased in a premium acrylic tube. It's high clarity and internal red cylinder make it extremely easy to read, providing accurate measurements with each use.

Because the spring is enclosed it will not tangle or get overstretched by users. This model has been designed for easy calibration - zero out with a simple twist of the knob.

The measurement scales have been printed on the inside of the tube to prevent the wearing that other spring scales experience over time.
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