Vivaspin® 20 Centrifugal Filtration Units, Sartorius

Supplier: Sartorius

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Vivaspin® 20 Centrifugal Filtration Units, Sartorius
Filters Centrifugal Filters
Vivaspin® 20 centrifugal concentrators offer increased volume flexibility and performance to the Vivaspin® potfolio. Vivaspin® 20 handles 5 to 20 ml in swing bucket rotors and 14 ml in fixed angle rotors accepting 50 ml centrifuge tubes. Vivaspin® 20 features twin vertical membranes for unparalleled filtration speed and >100-fold concentration. Volume graduation allows monitoring the concentration process and the modified dead stop pocket simplifies pipetting of the final concentrate.

  • High retentate recovery >90%
  • Vertical twin membrane for ultra-fast concentration
  • Safe sample concentration due to dead-stop volume
  • Convenient concentrate recovery by pipetting
  • Volume graduation for easy reading/monitoring
  • Polycarbonate body and filterate vessel, polypropylene concentrator cap with acetal or aluminum pressure head

For higher process flexibility, it is available with unique accessories and operating methods. For one-step desalting following concentration, a diafiltration cup filled with buffer can be placed on the concentrator and spun another time to achieve 98% salt removal, instead of two spins to achieve the same result with the traditional refill and re-spin procedure.

When an appropriate centrifuge is unavailable, or for single sample processing, for gas pressure filtration, it can be filled with up to 15 ml and then pressurised for bench top concentration. For even faster processing, gas pressure filtration can be combined with centrifugation. 'Pressure-fugation' is particularly useful for difficult or viscous samples such as serum, when using a low process temperature, or generally when minimum process time is essential.
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