Laboratory Glassware Washers, Model PLW 8617, Miele

Supplier: Miele
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Laboratory Glassware Washers, Model PLW 8617, Miele
Glassware Washers
The PLW 8617 laboratory washer can accommodate 216 laboratory flasks, 588 vials, or 294 pipettes. The large glassware washer is flexible and simple to use, it has modular load carriers and SimpleLoad system. This efficient unit has a single door, 1150 mm (3' 91/4") wide, a usable capacity of 351 litres. PLW 8617 provides reliable results, high pump performance with a variable-speed pump and features spray arm monitoring and a conductivity meter.

  • Innovative 2-pump system for maximum performance
  • New flexible and modular (SimpleLoad)racking system
  • Excellent drying results with a powerful hot air dryer and HEPA 14 filter
  • Flush-fitted 7" control panel, with over 200 programs
  • Hygienic 1.4404/316 L steel quality chamber, with three-color interior lighting

The washer has a 2-pump system for maximum performance. The variable-speed pump for optimum adjustment of spray pressure to load size and process requirements. The second pump is exclusively for machine spray arms. Flexible loading ensures high capacity through completely revised load carrier system, saves time, storage space and costs. The units modular basket concept adapts flexibly to a variety of load situations with an intuitive user interface and modules which can be combined in a wide number of configurations. Depending on the model, the continued use of existing load carriers from the PG 8527 series is possible.

PLW 8617 features a pre-heating tank for shorter process cycles, a recycling tank to conserve water and energy and water volume is adjusted to load size. High-performance drying is provided by two drying units for optimum drying results. The HEPA H14 filter for the ultimate in safety (this filter is located directly at the entrance to the chamber so as to reliably remove particles from the air that’s used for drying the glassware).

Intuitive operation and programmable controls: PLW 8617 has 178 mm (7") color touch display for intuitive user interface and simple process control, flush display in machine front for simple and safe cleaning, pre-installed programs, programmable to suit individual needs and 200 program memory slots. The washer has hygienic chamber design: Optimized chamber design with pitched surfaces and cove corners, heater elements located outside chamber. The 1.4404 / 316 L steel chamber is produced by high-precision robotic laser welding system.

Multi-color LED chamber lighting (white, green, red) with status indicator allows visual control of cleaning. Simple visualization of machine status indicated by chamber color and visible from a distance. Units feature an intelligent filter design with self-cleaning effect. 2-component filter consisting of coarse and fine filters. The fine filter with 0.2 mm mesh for the reliable removal of even the smallest particles. Reduced effort involved in cleaning filters due to self-cleaning effect during drainage.

Washer has process control and residue-free final rinse due to integrated conductivity sensor. Spray arms with optimised nozzle design. Monitoring of spray arm speed for reproducible cleaning results. Perfect cleaning results due to interaction between machine and ProCare Lab process chemicals. Design includes storage space for up to 4×10 l canisters of ProCare Lab process chemicals underneath machine. Simple handling due to dispensing system drawer. There are 2 dispenser pumps, expandable to max. 6 dispenser pumps. Unit features dispensing monitoring with high-precision flow meter.

Certifications: EN 61010-1, EN 601010-1, CSA approved, CE-marked.

Ordering information: Baskets and accessories are not included, these must be ordered separately. Please contact your VWR Sales representative/ technical services for assistance with the product configuration.
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