Leica DMiL Inverted Microscope Packages, Leica Microsystems

Supplier: Leica
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Leica DMiL Inverted Microscope Packages, Leica Microsystems
The Leica DM IL is a fluorescence ready digital imaging solution designed for use in a variety of laboratory settings including cell culture, micromanipulation, immuno staining and routine live imaging.

  • Inverted laboratory microscope with LED illumination
  • High-performance optics
  • Ergonomic design
  • 3W white light LED illumination

The DM IL LED Inverted Microscope Lab Package is a robust inverted microscope with LED illumination designed for years of use without the need to replace bulbs.

The DM IL LED is fully configured for both brightfield and fluorescence imaging. It features an LED light source comprised of 5 solid state sources operating simultaneously to produce up to 3W of White Light. The DM IL features long working objectives from 4x to 40x. The 10x, 20x and 40x each have phase rings inscribed on them that are matched to the Phase-1, Phase-2 and phase-3 Light Rings contained within a single slider. The DM IL is available either with a camera port or stand alone. When properly configured, the DM IL can be combined with a selection of cameras from the Leica camera portfolio. These include the 5MP Leica MC170, the 3MP Leica DMC2900 and the 1.3MP Leica DFC3000 G. Additional stage accessories are available to fit most imaging applications.

The Leica DM IL LED microscope stands include the Leica DM IL LED Fluorescence microscope body, the S80 condenser, the S80 slider for light rings, the HI PLAN 1 10x/0.22 PH1 objective, HC PLAN 10x/20 BR eyepieces and a dustcover. The DM IL with camera option includes the Trinocular tube HC ILT and the option without camera is equipped with the Binocular tube HC ILB.

Certifications: C-UL (Us) and CE.

Ordering information: When ordering the DM IL LED with a camera please ensure that you select at least one of the three camera choices, the C-Mount adaptor. When selecting the LED light source please select all three items listed under the Fluorescence Light Source heading. This includes the LED 3, the light guide coupler and the adaptor sleeve. The Leica DM IL LED Imaging solution will come with a 1-year limited warranty.

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