Avantor® Hichrom, Precolumn Filters

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Avantor® Hichrom
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76382-682EA 82.31 USD
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Avantor® Hichrom, Precolumn Filters
Filters Precolumn Filters and Frits
Placed immediately before the column, the precolumn filter traps particles introduced with the sample. For samples, which may irreversibly absorb onto the column, the use of guard cartridges is strongly recommended.

  • Protect columns from particulates, ultra low dead volume
  • Virtually no dead volume with no band broadening or loss of efficiency
  • Compatible with all HPLC columns

Filter 76399-714 comprises a stainless steel holder with a 0.02" thru hole and a 2 µm PEEK encapsulated stainless steel frit (supplied).

The fingertight precolumn filter (76399-694) includes a 2 µm stainless steel frit which is contained within a PEEK fitting connecting directly onto the column.

The low dispersion of UHPLC precolumn filter ensures that the efficiency of the UHPLC column is maintained, assuring no loss of critical resolution. These filters can be installed simply on any analytical UHPLC or UPLC® column in seconds, providing leak-free filter protection to 1000 bar (15000 psi).
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