EmporeTM Solid Phase Extraction RAD Disks, CDS Analytical

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EmporeTM Solid Phase Extraction RAD Disks, CDS Analytical
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Empore™ RAD disks (formerly 3M™ Empore™ RAD disks) provide an efficient alternative to conventional radiochemical sample preparation methods that use wet chemistry or packed columns.

  • Ultra-fast flow rate-350 ml/min for Disks
  • Least elution volume (1/10 of traditional SPE) to minimize or even eliminate evaporation step
  • Lowest CVs / unmet consistency and reproducibility
  • Least particle fines in eluates to increase efficiency
  • Direct scintillation counting
  • Save time and costs

A proprietary process is used to entrap adsorbent particles into a matrix of inert PTFE to create a mechanically stable sorbent disk. The disks can be used for purification and concentration of analytes from aqueous samples.

Empore RAD disks provide a sample prep solution for large volume aqueous samples. The disk format provides a large surface area for sorbent/sample contact. Fast flow rates and high throughput may be realized with use of an Empore RAD disk. Empore RAD disks are available in three selective sorbents – radium, strontium and technetium. These RAD disks are intended for quantitative determination of Radium isotopes 226 and 228, Strontium isotope 90, Technetium isotope 99 and Cesium 131, respectively, from aqueous samples. RAD disks form convenient direct counting sources when used in applicable test methods.
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