Empore™ 96-Well Solid Phase Extraction Plates, CDS Analytical

Supplier: CDS Analytical
70-2007-3982-2 6065 70-2007-3981-4 70-2007-3988-9 70-2007-3983-0
76333-248CS 3647.76 USD
76333-248 76333-156 76333-158 76333-250 76333-252
Empore™ 96-Well Solid Phase Extraction Plates, CDS Analytical
Microplates Solid Phase Extraction Plates (SPE)
Empore SPE 96-well plates improve data and throughput at a low cost.

  • Optimized for smaller sample volumes, which in turn, reduces elution volumes.
  • Eliminate evaporation steps to streamline methods, improve throughput, and reduce labor.
  • Universal compatibility – Standard polypropylene 96-well plate design for automated applications
  • Avoid clogging of frits by fine particulates, which improves LC-MS uptime and column life
  • Excellent reproducibility – Uniform particle bed improves lot-to-lot consistency

The unique matrix of the Empore membrane allows for optimized elution volume, which improves sensitivity, reproducibility, and provides cleaner chromatograms. Additionally, using less solvent for elution shortens or eliminates evaporation time which improves throughput.

Diameter: 5.5 mm
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