VACUUBRAND® VACUU•SELECT® Touch-Screen Vacuum Controllers, BrandTech Scientific


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VACUUBRAND® VACUU•SELECT® Touch-Screen Vacuum Controllers, BrandTech Scientific
Pumps Vacuum Controllers
Controllers provide easy, touch-screen control of vacuum applications. Many routines for common applications, or assemble your own with drag/drop menus.

  • Easy two-point control of many common vacuum applications (or create your own)
  • 'Favorites' menu makes selections easy
  • Color touch screen control with icon based menus
  • Works with vacuum pumps from all manufacturers
  • Upload/download routines and for sharing and datalogging via USB

Take control of your vacuum applications with VACUU•SELECT® touch screen vacuum controllers. Intuititve opration, and supplied complete. Choose from one of the pre-loaded routines, or assemble your own multi-step applications with drag-and-drop icons in minutes. Multi-lingual interface.

Choose the VACUU•SELECT® complete for use with diaphragm pumps, and most common applications, such as rotary evaporation from atmosphere to 0.1 Torr/mbar/hPa in your choice of units. Simply plug it in and connect from 6 to 10 mm ID hoses - one to the application, one to the pump. Can automatically find the first boiling point for rotary evaporation.

Choose the Pirani control packages to add control to rotary vane pumps for applications between atmosphere and 1×10-3 Torr/mbar/hPa, such as short-path distillation. Utilizes the mercury-free VACUUBRAND® VACUUVIEW extended transducer to provide reliable, accurate settings. Two models are available - one for use with the VACUUBRAND® RZ2.5, RZ6, RC6 and other smaller rotary vane pumps with KF16 inlet flanges and one for use with the VACUUBRAND® RZ9 and other pumps with KF25 inlet flanges.

Ordering information: VACUU•SELECT® complete controller supplied with integrated capacitive transducer and vent valve. Their Pirani packages are supplied with control panel, VVB-15C solenoid valve, VACUUVIEW extended transducer/gauge, 4 KF16 centering and clamping rings (KF25 for KF25 version), 10 mm polypropylene hose barb (15 mm for KF25 version) and T-piece. All models supplied with a universal power supply with US/UK/CEE/CH/AUS/CN plug.

Delivery information: Includes controller, transducer, T-pieces, clamping and centering rings.
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