Ward's® Luster Collection

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Ward's® Luster Collection
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Explore the differences of how light interacts with the surface of a mineral.

The minerals in this collection are each perfect examples of one type of luster. The set is housed in a compartmented collection box, and an identification list is included.

Contents: 12 numbered samples, 1×1 to 1×2"
Metallic Luster - Pyrite, Chalcopyrite
Vitreous Luster - Quartz
Adamantine Luster - Sphalerite
Resinous Luster - Sulfur
Greasy Luster - Nepheline
Pearly Luster - Muscovite
Silky Luster - Satin spar
Splendent Luster - Micaceous hematite
Shining Luster - Calcite
Waxy Luster - Chalcedony
Submetallic Luster - Ilmenite
Dull Luster - Chalk
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