BTX Flatpack Electroporation Chambers, Harvard Apparatus

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BTX Flatpack Electroporation Chambers, Harvard Apparatus
Electroporation Systems Electroporators
Flatpack Electroporation Chambers offer higher sample volume capacity than standard electroporation cuvettes of similar gap distances.

  • Sterile
  • Aluminium
  • Convenient single use format
  • Compatible with BTX safety stands

Flatpack (Model 486) Chambers feature unique flow-through design with a 0.56 mm gap and volume of 10 to 85 ul. They provide field strengths as high as 40 kV/cm, ideal for high efficiency transformation of bacteria.

Flatpack (Model 485 Chambers) feature a non-flow-through design, 1.83 mm gap and maximum fill volume of 1.5 ml. They are appropriate for either prokaryotic or eukaryotic electroporation applications - transfecting or transforming a variety of organisms in vitro such as bacteria, mammalian cells, yeast, plant protoplasts and more.

Generator compatibility: Gemini X2, ECM 630, ECM 830, Legacy ECM 2001, ECM 2001+.

Packaging: Flatpack electroporation each chamber individually wrapped and comes in packs of 50 chambers per package.
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