Eppendorf® Reference® 2 Multichannel Pipettors

Supplier: Eppendorf
Reference® 2
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Eppendorf® Reference® 2 Multichannel Pipettors
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The unique one-button operation offers fast and ergonomic handling with reduced operating effort and active aerosol reduction.

The one-button operating system allows users to move more quickly through pipetting tasks with all operating controls (Aspiration/Dispensing, Volume Selection, Tip Ejection) contained in a single button. With the ability to eject a tip immediately following a dispensing step, aerosol contamination of the pipettor is considerably reduced. Releasing the operating button allows only fresh air, not residual aerosols, to re-enter the pipettor housing after the tip is discarded.

Now available in a multi channel option, the Reference® 2 can accommodate higher throughput users, a feature not previously available to customers in a one-button design. With spring loaded nose cones, present in both the single channel and multi channel versions, Eppendorf provides increased reproducibility and more uniform results among users in the lab, as well as lowering attachment and ejection forces for superior ergonomic operation.

To avoid accidental tip ejections, a clear haptic feedback is felt after the blowout step. The spring loaded tip cone improves user to user reproducibility and ergonomics by lowering tip attachment and ejection force. The Reference® two multichannel units provide a high throughput option, including spring-loaded nose cones which can be switched on/off optionally. Outstanding precision and accuracy of the Reference® 2 ensures more reliable results. Volume lock prevents accidental changes and the constantly visible 4-digit display enables increased security for the most stringent lab environments. An embedded RFID chip contains all relevant data regarding the pipettor and, in conjunction with Eppendorf TrackIT, offers simple identification and documentation for each pipettor in the lab.

Ordering information: All Reference® 2 pipettors are supplied with an ep.T.I.P.S. box.
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