Socorex™ Acura® electro Multichannel Pipettes, DWK Life Sciences

Supplier: DWK Life Sciences
Socorex™ Acura®
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Socorex™ Acura® electro Multichannel Pipettes, DWK Life Sciences
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The Acura® electro pipettes are the latest upgrade of a successful line that makes electronic pipetting more versatile, simpler, and safer than ever.

Acura® electro pipettes offer a number of distinct product advantages. These lightweight devices feature optimal ergonomics and a large display that is reversible for left or right reading. Pipettes are equipped with an easy and intuitive self-teaching program. A patented adjustable tip ejector will allow fitting for most tips. Units also feature a pipetting cycle counter. This unique and versatile system offers 27 interchangeable volumetric modules that all fit the same control unit. The swift-interchange battery pack provides a fast charge and long working autonomy.

The large selection of Acura® electro 956 multichannel pipettes inclues 8- and 12-channel models. They are lightweight and ergonomic, with sequential tip ejection. They also fit any single channel volumetric module.

The Volumetric Modules allow one control unit to fit a choice of 27 volumetric assemblies available separately. This greatly extends working possibilities and makes electronic pipetting affordable to all budgets. Dissassembling and re-assembling without any tool contributes towards maximal flexibility. Calibration specifics of extra modules, as set by factory QC or by pipette owner, are retained in instrument memory.

The Acura® electro pipettes offer a unique cost-saving advantage. Once the Initial Package is purchased, subsequent purchases consist of the appropriate volumetric module or pipette alone. The Initial Package contains the charging stand that holds up to three pipettes or battery packs. The microprocessor controlled pipette features intuitive software, eliminating any complicated programming steps. There are six working modes that are easy to access and many volumes to select from. If you are looking for unsurpassed metrological performance and stability, choose Acura® electro pipettes.

Ordering information: Initial Package includes pipettor, charging stand, and accessories. Additional pipettors (alone) supplied with individual QC certificate, pipette tip samples, and operating instructions. Three year warranty. To utilize any of the optional Volumetric Modules, the user must first purchase an Acura® electro Initial Pack or Pipette Only.
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