2,6-Di-tert-butyl-p-cresol ≥99.0% (by GC) E321, SAFC®

Supplier: MilliporeSigma

Synonyms: 2,6-Di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenolButylhydroxytolueneButylated hydroxytolueneBHT

8.17074.9025 8.17074.5000 8.17074.9025 8.17074.1000
EM8.17074.5000CS 2752.89 USD
CA8.17074.9025 EM8.17074.5000 EM8.17074.9025 CA8.17074.1000
2,6-Di-tert-butyl-p-cresol ≥99.0% (by GC) E321, SAFC®
Formula: C₁₅H₂₄O
MW: 220.35 g/mol
Boiling Pt: 265 °C (1013 hPa)
Melting Pt: 69…70 °C
Density: 1.05 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Flash Pt: 127 °C
MDL Number: MFCD00011644
CAS Number: 128-37-0
UN: 3077

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Specification Test Results

Assay (GC) ≥99.0%
Assay (HPLC) 99.0 - 101.5%
Identity (Identification 1 (JPE)) Passes Test
Identity (IR-spectrum) Passes Test
Identity (Identification 2 (JPE)) Passes Test
Identity (HPLC) Passes Test
Appearance White to Yellowish Crystalline Powder
Appearance of solution (100 g/l, Methanol (Ph. Eur.)) Clear and not more intense in color than reference solutionY₅ or BY₅
Appearance of solution (100 g/l, Ethanol (95 %) (JPE)) Clear and Colorless
Solidification Temperature 69.2 - 70.0 °C
Melting Point 69.5 - 72.0 °C
Absorption Maximum λmax. (Ethanol abs.) 277 - 279 nm
Spec. Absorptivity A 1%/1cm (λmax; 0.02 g/l; Ethanol abs.) 81 - 88
Spec. Absorptivity A 1%/1cm (λ₂₇₈ nm; 0.05 g/l; Ethanol (95 %)) 82 - 88
Heavy Metals (as Pb) ≤10 ppm
Sulfate (SO₄) ≤150 ppm
As (Arsenic) ≤3 ppm
Hg (Mercury) ≤1 ppm
Pb (Lead) ≤2 ppm
tert-Butanol (GC) ≤1000 ppm
Diisobutylene (GC) ≤100 ppm
p-Cresol ≤0.1%
2-Propanol (GC) ≤2000 ppm
Related Substances (TLC) ≤0.5%
Related Substances (HPLC) (p-Cresol oder m-cresol) ≤0.1%
Related Substances (HPLC) (3-tert-Butyl-4-hydroxyanisole) ≤0.1%
Related Substances (HPLC) (3,5-Di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzoic acid) ≤0.1%
Related Substances (HPLC) (2-tert-Butyl-4-methylphenol or 2-tert-butyl-5-methylphenol) ≤0.1%
Related Substances (HPLC) (3,5-Di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxy benzaldehyde) ≤0.1%
Related Substances (HPLC) (4,6-Di-tert-butyl-m-cresol) ≤0.1%
Related Substances (HPLC) (2,6-Di-tert-butyl-phenol) ≤0.1%
Related Substances (HPLC) (Any Unspecified Impurity) ≤0.1%
Related Substances (HPLC) (Sum of All Impurities) ≤0.7%
Other Residual Solvents (ICH Q3C) Excluded by the Production Process
Sulfated Ash (600 °C) ≤0.002%
Water (According to Karl Fischer) ≤0.2%
Elemental impurity specifications have been set considering ICH Q3D (Guideline for Elemental impurities). Class 1-3 elements are not likely to be present above the ICH Q3D option 1 limit, unless specified and indicated (*).
Meets analytical specifications of Ph Eur, NF, JPE.
Conforms to the purity criteria on food additives according to the current European Commission Regulation.

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