Purifier® Cell Logic®+ Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinets, Labconco

Supplier: Labconco

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Purifier® Cell Logic®+ Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinets, Labconco
Fume Hoods and Enclosures Biological and Microbiological Safety Cabinets
Purifier Cell Logic+ Type A2 biosafety cabinets combine ergonomics, comfort and safety.

  • MyLogic OS displays cabinet status and alarms with clear, concise images and messaging to build user confidence
  • Constant Airflow Profile™ (CAP) Technology automatically maintains a precise volume of air as the filters load to protect a user and their samples
  • Ergonomic Inclination™ Technology Suite includes 10° angled sash, patented curved air grille with built-in armrest, fully accessible controls and eye-level mounted color display
  • Quiet, efficient ECM blower and energy saving LED lights reduces cabinet’s carbon footprint
  • Provides personnel, product and environmental protection and is suitable for work in all biosafety levels
  • Specially designed for use with microscopes and/or temperature-sensitive samples

The Purifier Cell Logic+ Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinet excels in user comfort and functionality. Decades of industry leading advances in ergonomic design have shaped the Inclination™ Technology Suite that includes the following: 10° angled sash, LED lighting, patented curved air grille with built in armrest, fully accessible controls and line-of-sight mounted color display with MyLogic™ operating system.

MyLogic OS provides intuitive control of the Logic+ with clear messages and vibrant imagery, status updates and alarms with diagnostic troubleshooting. Using ECM blower technology, the Cell Logic+ uses the Constant Airflow Profile™ (CAP) to maintain a precise volume of air as the filters load. In addition, the cabinet will continuously display the HEPA filter life remaining and cabinet status. These features combine to provide unparalleled safety.

Cell Logic+ A2 Biosafety Cabinets are designed to discharge HEPA-filtered exhaust air directly into the laboratory, or into an exhaust system through an efficient Ventus™ Canopy Connection (optional). Cell Logic+ models are also equipped to meet the specific needs of the cell culture industry. Optional features include the Scope-Ready™ and Temp-Zone™ packages. The Scope-Ready package allows the user’s microscope to be integrated into the biosafety cabinet. The Temp-Zone package includes a temperature controlled area on the work surface. The Cell Logic+ is available with the Scope-Ready package, the Temp-Zone package or both. Some cabinets include base stands and/or an Accessory Package (UV light (not on Scope-Ready models), service fixture(s) and Vacu-Pass™ Cord and Cable Portal).

Certifications: ETL listed. ADA-compliant (height of controls and receptacles). NSF and modified ASHRAE 110 compliant. CE Conformity marking (230 V models). ISO 5 conditions per ISO 14644-1 and 2.

Ordering information: Base stand required if model with stand is not selected. Microscope not included. Accessories not included unless stated.
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