Scion™ IN1200 Series ESD Ion Bars, Transforming Technologies

Supplier: Transforming-Technologies
IN1200-44 IN1200-12 IN1200-64 IN1200-22
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Scion™ IN1200 Series ESD Ion Bars, Transforming Technologies
The Scion™ IN1200 ionizing bar is an effective tool to eliminate static in electronics, plastics, chemicals, printing, textile, and optical industries. Utilizing AC Square Wave Technology, the device delivers uniform streams of ionized air that quickly eliminates static charge.

  • Provides uniform static elimination at high speeds
  • AC square wave technology; AC stability with DC control
  • Unique aerodynamic design
  • Remote control operation
  • Performance controls for optimal balance and decay times
  • Multiple lengths available

The versatile Scion™ Ionizing Bar is optimized using a remote control which powers the device, sets the ion switching frequency, and controls the ion balance. Multiple switching frequency choices and duty cycle adjustments make the Scion™ series 1200 Ionizing Bars very useful in a wide range of applications. Scion™ ionizing bars feature a small footprint and easily integrates into most applications. The aerodynamic design is compatible with laminar airflow in cleanrooms. They also come equipped to use compressed air or nitrogen for applications requiring airflow to accelerate ion mobility. Available in four different lengths.
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