Multi-Element ICP and ICP-MS Certified Reference Standards, Enhanced Packaging, ARISTAR®, VWR Chemicals BDH®

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CABDH89800-550 CABDH89800-598 BDH89800-576 CABDH89800-670 CABDH89800-664 CABDH89800-630 BDH89800-656 CABDH89800-634 BDH89800-654 CABDH82026-100 BDH89800-652 BDH89800-622 CABDH89800-586 BDH89800-648 CABDH89800-556 BDH89800-632 CABDH89800-576 BDH89800-666 CABDH89800-564 BDH82026-100 CABDH89800-652 CABDH89800-642 CABDH89800-610 CABDH89800-578 BDH89800-562 CABDH89800-612 CABDH89800-560 CABDH89800-646 CABDH89800-592 BDH89800-554 BDH89800-602 BDH89800-582 BDH82025-930 BDH89800-668 CABDH89800-548 CABDH89800-580 BDH89800-594 CABDH89800-602 CABDH89800-654 BDH89800-566 BDH89800-658 BDH89800-574 BDH89800-650 BDH89800-642 CABDH89800-614 BDH82025-926 CABDH89800-572 CABDH82025-930 CABDH89800-552 CABDH82026-114 BDH82026-112 CABDH89800-594 CABDH89800-656 CABDH89800-636 BDH89800-620 BDH89800-584 BDH89800-662 BDH89800-564 BDH89800-552 BDH89800-560 BDH82026-102 BDH89800-618 CABDH82025-934 BDH82025-928 BDH89800-556 CABDH89800-566 CABDH89800-558 CABDH89800-638 BDH82025-932 CABDH89800-608 CABDH89800-660 BDH89800-630 BDH89800-590 BDH89800-598 CABDH89800-554 CABDH89800-600 BDH89800-646 BDH82026-106 CABDH89800-644 CABDH89800-562 CABDH89800-672 BDH89800-672 CABDH89800-668 CABDH89800-628 CABDH89800-624 BDH82026-098 BDH82026-108 BDH89800-578 BDH89800-628 BDH89800-596 BDH82025-934 CABDH82026-098 BDH89800-608 CABDH89800-596 BDH82026-114 BDH89800-612 CABDH82025-926 CABDH89800-584 BDH89800-558 BDH89800-614 CABDH82026-102 BDH89800-636 CABDH82026-110 CABDH82026-106 BDH82026-104 CABDH89800-568 CABDH82025-928 CABDH89800-632 BDH89800-568 BDH89800-592 BDH89800-626 CABDH82026-112 CABDH89800-640 BDH89800-610 BDH89800-634 CABDH89800-666 CABDH89800-622 CABDH82025-932 BDH89800-670 CABDH89800-590 CABDH89800-574 BDH82026-110 BDH89800-660 BDH89800-644 BDH89800-548 BDH89800-640 CABDH82026-108 CABDH89800-648 CABDH89800-650 BDH89800-580 CABDH89800-662 BDH89800-586 BDH89800-572 CABDH89800-658 CABDH89800-620 CABDH89800-582 BDH89800-600 BDH89800-664 CABDH89800-618 CABDH82026-104 BDH89800-624 BDH89800-638 CABDH89800-626 BDH89800-550
BDH82026-098EA 130.94 USD
CABDH89800-628 CABDH89800-626 CABDH89800-624 BDH82026-098 CABDH89800-622 CABDH89800-620 CABDH89800-586 CABDH89800-584 BDH89800-628 CABDH89800-582 CABDH89800-580 BDH89800-638 BDH89800-636 BDH89800-634 BDH89800-598 CABDH82026-098 BDH89800-632 BDH89800-596 BDH89800-630 BDH89800-594 BDH89800-592 BDH89800-590 CABDH89800-638 CABDH89800-636 CABDH89800-634 CABDH89800-598 CABDH89800-632 CABDH89800-596 CABDH89800-630 CABDH89800-594 CABDH89800-592 BDH89800-648 CABDH89800-590 BDH89800-646 BDH89800-644 BDH89800-642 BDH89800-640 CABDH89800-648 CABDH89800-646 CABDH89800-644 CABDH89800-642 CABDH89800-640 BDH89800-608 BDH89800-614 BDH89800-578 BDH89800-612 BDH89800-576 BDH89800-610 BDH89800-574 BDH89800-572 CABDH89800-658 CABDH89800-656 CABDH82025-932 CABDH89800-654 CABDH82025-934 CABDH89800-652 CABDH89800-650 CABDH82025-930 BDH89800-618 BDH89800-626 BDH89800-624 BDH89800-622 CABDH82025-926 BDH89800-620 CABDH82025-928 BDH89800-586 BDH89800-584 BDH89800-582 BDH89800-580 BDH82025-928 CABDH89800-668 CABDH89800-548 CABDH89800-666 BDH82025-926 CABDH89800-664 CABDH89800-662 CABDH89800-660 BDH89800-558 BDH89800-556 BDH89800-554 BDH82025-930 BDH89800-552 BDH82025-932 BDH89800-550 BDH89800-672 BDH89800-670 CABDH89800-558 CABDH89800-556 CABDH89800-554 CABDH89800-552 CABDH89800-550 CABDH89800-672 CABDH89800-670 BDH89800-602 CABDH82026-100 BDH89800-600 BDH89800-568 BDH89800-566 CABDH82026-104 BDH89800-564 CABDH82026-102 BDH89800-562 CABDH82026-108 BDH89800-560 CABDH82026-106 CABDH89800-602 BDH82026-110 CABDH89800-600 CABDH89800-568 CABDH89800-566 BDH82026-114 CABDH89800-564 BDH82026-112 CABDH89800-562 CABDH89800-560 BDH82026-108 BDH89800-658 BDH89800-656 CABDH82026-112 BDH89800-654 CABDH82026-110 BDH89800-652 BDH89800-650 CABDH82026-114 CABDH89800-618 BDH82025-934 CABDH89800-614 CABDH89800-578 CABDH89800-612 CABDH89800-576 BDH82026-102 CABDH89800-610 BDH82026-100 CABDH89800-574 CABDH89800-572 BDH82026-106 BDH82026-104 BDH89800-668 BDH89800-548 BDH89800-666 BDH89800-664 BDH89800-662 BDH89800-660 CABDH89800-608
Multi-Element ICP and ICP-MS Certified Reference Standards, Enhanced Packaging, ARISTAR®, VWR Chemicals BDH®
Standards Cationic Standards Multi-Element Standards
Stock multi-element ICP and ICP-MS blends can be found grouped for stability and ease of use as well as commonly used Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) recommended by many instrument manufactures

  • Long shelf life
  • NIST traceable
  • Precise and accurate

For the pharmaceutical industry, the range includes a line of CRMs that comply with the general chapters on elemental impurity USP <232> limits and USP<233> procedures. These multi-element CRMs are available for precious metals, oral elemental and parenteral element impurities.

These ICP and ICP-MS Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) are engineered to be stable, compatible, traceable to NIST SRMs, and are manufactured and tested under ISO Guide 34 & ISO 17025 guidelines. Certified values are based on two independent methods, uncertainties are based on detailed error budgets, and trace metallic impurities (TMI) are determined by ICP and ICP-MS for single element CRMs.

Each multi-element ICP standard ships with a Certificate of Analysis (C of A) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Specific lot C of A’s can also be found online.

Enhanced packaging extends the shelf life to 4 years by sealing the product in an external aluminized bag over the regular poly bottle.

This specially designed outer bag prevents transpiration (the loss of water, or solvent, through the container.) Therefore, most of these standards have a 4 year shelf life until the outer bag is opened. After opening the outer bag, the customer will mark the inner bottle with a one-year shelf life from that date.

Single element Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) are available in the BDH range for most of the periodic table, in concentrations ranging from 10, 100, 1,000, and 10,000 µg/mL

Please note: 1000 ppm = 1000 µg/mL

Caution: Uranium is depleted. The isotopic abundance is on the certificate of analysis.
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