Zirconium Crucibles with Straight Wall, Metal Technology

80700-504EA 267.25 USD
Zirconium Crucibles with Straight Wall, Metal Technology
Zirconium is the most effective crucible material for fusions using sodium carbonate or sodium peroxide and based on an average of 100 fusions per crucible, it is more cost effective than less expensive porcelain or steel crucibles.

  • Low-cost replacement for platinum
  • Resistant to solvents of all concentrations such as nitric, hydrochloric, sulfuric and perchloric acids

The resistant to solvents allows the fusions to be dissolved out of the crucible completely with little or no contamination of the sample. Alkaline solvents such as ammonium hydroxide, acetate sulfide, carbonate and (Na, K) hydroxide, sulfide, carbonate and cyanide are also without effect.
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