Ward's Adapt-A-Rack

Supplier: VWR International
HS120184W HS120185W HS120186W
470311-046CS 214.15 USD
470311-046 470311-048 470311-050
Ward's Adapt-A-Rack
Racks Tube Racks
Flexible multi-tube rack.

  • Holds different sized tubes in each slot
  • Racks can be linked together for additional holding capacity
  • Open sides allow for label viewing
  • Flat base to hold tubes upright
  • Linked racks should be supported underneath when carrying
  • Available in color combinations for easy coding and identification
  • Autoclavable

Each slot on the Ward's Adapt-A-Rack adapts to accommodate 12 to 30 mm (5 to 50 ml) tube sizes and holds them in a firm upright position. Each rack is made from POM and contains four wells.
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