Varispenser® 2/2x Bottle-Top Dispensers, Eppendorf

Supplier: Eppendorf
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Varispenser® 2/2x Bottle-Top Dispensers, Eppendorf
Bottle-Top Dispensers
The Varispenser 2 and Varispenser 2x bottle top dispensers offer high chemical resistance and robustness in the range of volumes up to 100 ml. Varispenser 2x is additionally equipped with a recirculation valve for priming the dispensing system without loss of reagent.

  • Discharge valve with safety ball closes and avoids fluid leakage when discharge tube is not mounted
  • Standard GL 45 thread on all sizes fits most common bottle threads
  • Screwable air vent cap allows easy assembly of optional drying tube to protect sensitive reagent against humidity or CO₂
  • Oval shaped dispenser housing allows safe gripping for transportation and adjustment

For laboratory tasks with aliquots of aggressive solutions like lyes, acids, bases or solvents taken from large supply and reagent bottles, bottle top dispensers need to be universally applicable and of uncompromising quality.

The trusted PFA sealing lip technology prevents crystal building from media residue by wiping off the inner cylinder wall during dispensing. This technology combined with the high chemical resistance allows the use with nearly all kinds of liquids. The extra air vent cap with Luer-cone for the assembly of a microfilter prevents possible contamination from the supply bottle.

Varispenser 2 and Varispenser 2x are completely autoclavable. The 360° rotating valve block offers safe and easy access in all positions. Because of the GL 45 thread on all sizes, these can be used on most common bottle threads in the laboratory.

Certifications: EN ISO 8655

Delivery information: Supplied with a telescopic filling tube, wrench and five adapters: GL 25, GL 28, GL 32, GL 38 and S 40/buttress thread (for the three smaller Varispenser® 2/ Varispenser® 2x models) or with a filling tube, wrench and three adapters: GL 32, GL 38 and S 40/buttress thread (for the 3 larger Varispenser® 2 / Varispenser® 2x models).
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