BTX MicroJect 1000A Pico-Injectors, Harvard Apparatus

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BTX MicroJect 1000A Pico-Injectors, Harvard Apparatus
Microinjectors Microinjectors, Programmable
Systems for direct, efficient delivery of targets via injection into cells, tissues, and oocytes.

  • Two negative and three positive pneumatic capabilities
  • Precise, timed "Inject" pressure
  • "Fill" feature for loading pipettes from their tips
  • "Hold" feature to immobilize and manipulate a cell or oocyte
  • "Clear" feature offers positive pressure to precisely discharge fluid
  • "Balance" feature maintans positive pressure to prevent sample dilution
  • TTL pulse (BNC) triggering capabilities

The MicroJect 1000A delivers genes, proteins, macromolecules, and micro-beads by direct injection into cells and tissues simply and efficiently. It provides consistent, precise delivery of volumes through digitally-controlled, stable pressure regulation maintained for a set time duration. The compressed gas, internally-controlled pressure system delivers desired volumes from femtoliters to microliters.

The Microject 1000A can hold a cell, oocyte, or early stage embryo stationary while simultaneously using a separate pressure channel for injections. Get consistent performance injecting large volumes into tissue, or pico volumes for nuclear injections. It is also ideal for the gentle transfer of delicate fetal or stem cells into oocytes.

Certifications: CE, ETL, WEEE marked (UL, CSA). IECEE CB Scheme certified. EU RoHS compliant.
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