BTX ECM 630 Exponential Decay Wave Electroporators, Harvard Apparatus

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BTX ECM 630 Exponential Decay Wave Electroporators, Harvard Apparatus
Electroporation Systems Electroporators
Exponential decay wave electroporators, ideal for transforming bacteria, yeast, and microorganisms.

  • Wide and accurate voltage, capacitance, and internal resistance settings
  • Preset protocols for common bacteria, yeast, and microorganism types
  • Unlimited ability to add and modify user defined protocols
  • Data logs of delivered pulses and sample resistance for QC and troubleshooting
  • Simple to use, large 7" touchscreen interface
  • Multiple exponential decay pulsing capabilities
  • Available in a high-throughput system for up to 96 samples at once

The ECM 630 is an exponential decay wave electroporation generator providing a broad range of voltage and time constants for full flexibility in varying applications. The ability to select the resistance and capacitance values and adjust the range of voltages is the key to achieving the optimal time constants and field strengths needed for efficient transformation of prokaryotes and for eukaryote transfection.

This system is an outstanding value for researchers working with bacteria, yeast, stem cell transfection, plant transformation, and insect transfection. Flexibility is important to researchers, so BTX has designed the ECM 630 to be a plug and play system that easily transitions between standard cuvettes and 96-well electroporation plates, using the high throughput plate handler.

The addition of Enhancer 3000 Monitoring System allows the researcher to monitor and track key electrical parameters used in electroporation applications. The electrical pulse data is captured as both a graphic display of the waveform and electrical output values following each experiment. This data can be stored on a memory stick or downloaded to a computer easily by using the USB port for potential analysis, documentation, and validation purposes.

Certifications: CE, ETL, WEEE marked (UL, CSA). IECEE CB Scheme certified. EU RoHS compliant.
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