BTX Gemini Twin Wave Electroporators, Harvard Apparatus

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BTX Gemini Twin Wave Electroporators, Harvard Apparatus
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The Gemini Twin Wave Electroporators are flexible systems allowing both square wave and exponential decay wave electroporation in a single unit. These waveform combinations enable researchers to easily and efficiently electroporate eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells in cuvettes or plates with one easy-to-use setup. Prokaryotic cells typically respond well to exponential decay wave pulses and eukaryotic cells are transfected most efficiently with square wave pulses. Combining these two waveforms gives researchers total flexibility to achieve the highest efficiency for their applications.

  • Universal electroporation; transfects cells in vitro, in vivo, in ovo, and adherent forms
  • Multiple pulsing capabilities in both square and exponential decay waveforms (X2 systems)
  • Preset protocols include the most common eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell types
  • User-defined protocols allow unlimited ability to add and modify protocols
  • For safety, display provides resistance measurements for each pulse with three layers of arc protection
  • Data management capabilities store logs of every pulse delivered for QC and troubleshooting
  • Large, easy-to-use touch screen interface

The Gemini SC system is designed specifically for cuvette-based in vitro transfections of eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells in suspension. With a wide range of pulsing parameters, advanced safety features, as well as dozens of preset protocols, the Gemini SC is ideal for any lab requiring efficient cell transfection or transformation without the use of costly reagents.

The Gemini X2 system provides the ultimate experimental flexibility. This one easy setup allows for transfections in cuvettes or high throughput plates, or the capability to utilize the wide variety of BTX specialty electrodes for specific applications. In addition, Gemini X2 electrical output specifications are wide-ranging, making it the most versatile electroporation system available today. Electroporation of suspension cells can be achieved in cuvettes (X2) or 96-well plates (X2 HT) with an HT plate handler. Additionally, the Gemini X2 can be paired with BTX specialty electrodes to deliver gene and drugs in vivo, in utero, in ovo, and to explant tissues as well as adherent cells.

Gemini instruments offer highly accurate pulsing with the widest voltage and pulse length ranges available. The Gemini X2 can achieve voltage delivery as low as 5 V and as high as 3000 V in both waveforms, in addition to pulse lengths of 10 µs to 5 s. The Gemini SC can achieve voltage delivery as low as 10 V and as high as 3000 V in both waveforms, in addition to pulse lengths of 50 µs to 5 s.

The large 7" touchscreen user interface permits intuitive touch screen or computer-controlled protocol programing and execution as well as password protection of protocols. Each system is programmable and offers unlimited protocol storage, as well as dozens of proven pre-set protocols to reduce optimization time. The X2 systems provide protocol delivery log storage. Logs can be accessed for quality control, optimization or troubleshooting purposes.

Revolutionary arc proofing safety features give researchers peace of mind knowing that their sample and their systems are safe from troublesome arcing with enhanced 4-way safety checks through the pulsing procedure. Two separate pre-pulse, sample resistance measurements offer assurance that the sample resistance is within acceptable range for electroporation. In addition, internal safety features audit pulse progress at the component as well as software level. With these features, arcing is dramatically decreased.

Certifications: CE, ETL, WEEE marked (UL, CSA). IECEE CB Scheme certified. EU RoHS compliant.

Caution: Gemini systems are intended for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic, pre-clinical or clinical procedures.
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