Orion Star™ T940 All-in-One Titrators, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
Orion Star™
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Orion Star™ T940 All-in-One Titrators, Thermo Scientific
Use the Orion Star T940 all-in-one titrator for flexible pH, redox and ion concentration titrations including equivalence point titrations, preset pH or mV endpoint titrations plus multiple known addition (MKA) mode for automated known addition of various ions.

  • Offer easy-to-use navigation from setup to live titration analysis to data transfer
  • Showcase titrations, onscreen instructions and help menus on a large color graphic touchscreen display
  • Create and save up to ten user-defined methods
  • Save up to 100 titration data sets with date/time stamp
  • Facilitate data transfer to printer, computer or USB drive
  • Equivalence point, preset endpoint (1, 2 or 3 points) or multiple known addition (titration techniques)

Pair the titrator option with any premium ROSS pH electrodes or Orion redox and ion selective electrodes or select a preconfigured titrator and electrode kits.

Accurate, Reproducible Results–Automating the titration workflow enables analysis to be run using the same setup parameters and calculations every time. Fast Setup Time–Setup and save electrode, titrant and titration parameters once using methods. Prioritize Lab Throughput–Start the titration, and let the instrument run unattended.

Minimal Cost and Downtime–Easily replace titrator parts to minimize maintenance downtime while long lasting electrodes may reduce the cost of ownership. Securely Document Test Results–View results live, in the summary table and within the 100-point data log. Applications Database–Tested and validated preprogrammed methods can be easily loaded onto your titrator via USB flash drive.

Use the Orion Star T940 All-in-one titrator for flexible acid base, redox or ion concentration titrations including Titratable acidity of juices and wines, Acidity of food products, Alkalinity of waters, Sulfite/SO2 in juice and wine, Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in food products, Chloride/salt in food products.

Titration techniques include equivalence point titrations, preset pH or mV endpoint titrations plus MKA mode for automated known addition of various ions for versatile sample analysis. The automated titrant delivery system with high-accuracy burette and dispenser provides consistent results. Automatic results calculations simplify analysis and reduces computational error.

Certifications: CE, TUV 3-in-1, FCC, EN/EIC61326-1, IEC 61010, IP-51.
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