gBrite™ LED Plant Growth Chambers, Caron Products

Supplier: Caron Products
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gBrite™ LED Plant Growth Chambers, Caron Products
Testing Chambers Plant Growth Chambers
The new gBrite LED-powered Plant Growth Chambers - now Nature has competition.

  • Powerful lighting
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Facility-friendly design

The gBrite™ LED plant growth chambers incorporate powerful new lighting technology, providing a choice between standard full-spectrum white and optional four-color LED options. LED efficiency reduces plant heat stress, while producing similar light quality to fluorescent, but is unaffected by changes in temperature setpoint. Colored blue/white/red/far-red LED provides a powerful new option, varying both intensity and light spectra by shelf, a Caron exclusive. Both white and colored LED packages are available in intensities from 600 to 1500 micromoles, for applications including leaf crops, ornamentals, grains, plant tissue culture, seed germination, and medicinal plants.

All of these chambers are easy to maintain and use. Caron’s signature snap-out interior removal makes cleaning simple, while the universal Caron color touchscreen controls with breadcrumb navigation are easy to program and use. Check in on plants with an optional full-height viewing window, and automatically switch 4-color units over to over to white lights for clear visualization. Diurnal programming is possible through Caron's signature color touchscreen controls, which are intuitive and simple to navigate, without the need for a manual.

Additional chamber options include controlled humidification/dehumidification, controlled CO₂, ramp and soak programming, and analog and digital outputs. Like all Caron chambers, gBrite™ units are designed to be facility-friendly, eliminating periodic bulb replacement with 70000 hour LED emitters, and providing maximum durability with an all-stainless steel interior. Units are simple to program, requiring minimal training, and plug into standard 115 V and 208/230 V wall outlets.

Certifications: CSA Certified.

Ordering information: Accessories available separately.
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