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Supplier: Avantor
E2502-400-VWR E2302-2000VWRE E2302-2000VWR E2502-400VWR-E
76196-456EA 775.67 USD
76196-456 76196-454 76196-460 76196-458
VWR® Power Supplies
Power Supplies
This power supply is ideal for basic electrophoresis applications such as nucleic acid, protein separation and small Wet blot Western blotting applications.

  • Compact footprint, takes up minimal lab space
  • 500 V/400 mA, 120 W maximum output
  • 300 V/2000 mA, 300 W maximum output
  • Ideally suited for horizontal DNA gels, vertical protein gels

The color touchscreen control panel is easy to use, allowing setting of voltage, amperage and run time. Four sets of output jacks allow connection of multiple electrophoresis tanks.
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