SpectraMax® ABS and ABS PLUS Absorbance Microplate Readers, Molecular Devices

Supplier: Molecular Devices
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SpectraMax® ABS and ABS PLUS Absorbance Microplate Readers, Molecular Devices
Microplate Readers
Next generation SpectraMax® absorbance microplate readers.

  • Compact design
  • Minimum volume and maximum throughput with 96- or 384-well microplate compatibility
  • Powerful data analysis with SoftMax® Pro Software
  • Optimal performance with validation tools

Small but Mighty
The SpectraMax® ABS absorbance microplate readers bridge the gap between the affordability of filter-based readers and the flexibility of monochromator-based systems. Equipped with advanced technology that provides flexibility, sensitivity, and convenience for a wide range of assays such as ELISA, microbial growth, and protein quantitation, all in an incredibly small footprint. The SpectraMax® ABS and ABS Plus readers fit in every lab, in every budget. With industry leading SoftMax® Pro Data Acquisition and Analysis Software to handle analysis requirements from simple endpoint assays to complex kinetic assays requiring custom calculations, SpectraMax® ABS readers meet the needs of both basic and power users.

Tunable for Filterless Flexibility
Devices use a grating monochromator to select the wavelength, so the exact wavelength needed can be selected for every assay. No need to buy or change filters.

Advanced 8-Channel Optics
Units include an advanced multichannel optic design for fast read, and offer options to select up to six wavelengths in a single read. Temperature control up to 45 °C allows kinetic assays at ambient and physiological temperatures.

Proven performance in a Compact Footprint
Measuring 12×8×16.3" at 25 lbs., equipped with patented PathCheck® Sensor, linear shake, flexibility to optimize assays and read from cuvettes to 96-and 384-well microplates in endpoint, kinetic, and spectral scan modes, the SpectraMax® ABS readers offer more for less to advance your next discovery.

Results you can Trust
Validate the instrument and software with an extensive suite of tools including instrument validation plates, which are certified under ISO 17025 standards. Testing can be done in your own lab, on your own schedule.
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