TITRONIC 300 Manual Titrator, SI Analytics

Supplier: SI Analytics
Titronic® 300
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TITRONIC 300 Manual Titrator, SI Analytics
This titrator is an appropriate motor-driven burette for manual titration and and precise dosing instrument for dispensable liquids, solvents and titrating agents. This is not only a stand-alone device, but also shows its strengths in the computer controlled 'Daisy Chain' network.

  • Up to 16 devices can be connected one behind the other
  • Titration with hand controller
  • Titration rate can be adjusted in five different steps to optimize the titration speed and accuracy
  • Automatic calculation of results in different units and exportation to a printer or USB memory device
  • Automatic weight recording when a balance is connected
  • Adjustable dosing and filling rate for each method

TITRONIC 300 can also preform various dosing tasks that are routinely preformed in a laboratory. A piston burette is the ideal device for precise dosing tasks like adjustable dosing and filling rate for each method, adjustable filling between each dose step, intelligent filling function checks if a dosing step is feasible without filling in advance. This also reduces faulty operations during a serial dosing process.
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