Angle Two™ Stereotaxic Instrument, Leica Biosystems

Supplier: Leica Biosystems
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Angle Two™ Stereotaxic Instrument, Leica Biosystems
Clinical Diagnostic Systems
Angle Two™ small animal stereotaxic instrument enables varying the angle of approach between surgeries without loss of accuracy. Target setting and path of approach are integrated with an onscreen atlas, either mouse or rat or both.

  • Virtual skull flat feature corrects for head tilt
  • No vernier to read or arithmetic, so risk of human error is greatly reduced
  • Manual fine drive for precise transit and positioning

This instrument helps the surgeon to spend less time on each animal, with more accurate results, and vary the angle of approach to avoid confounding action-at-target with path-of-approach.

The neuroscientist can improve the rigor and interpretability of stereotaxic research without adding heavy calculations or risk of error to the protocol, and therefore design experiments with fewer animals. Installed encoders connect to computer allow it to keep track of electrode tip location once shown the position of bregma.

Delivery information: Includes configured computer with monitor, keyboard, mouse, PCI card and Angle Two™ software installed for mouse or rat.
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