UVP ChemStudio PLUS Imaging Systems, Analytik Jena

Supplier: Analytik Jena
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UVP ChemStudio PLUS Imaging Systems, Analytik Jena
Photodocumentation Systems
The UVP ChemStudio Systems offer 2 different camera options and an upgradable platform for NIR imaging. The extensive analytical software and range of epi LEDS included with the system ensure every application need is met.

  • Take images of the highest quality with deep cooling, efficient photon-to-signal conversion and high performance cameras
  • Camera options include either the highest resolution 8.1MP camera or the exceptionally sensitive 3.2MP camera
  • Wide aperture lens optics, capture more light in low-light applications (signals come faster and are stronger; this guarantees extremely fast image capture)
  • Available as either a PC-operated unit or as a stand-alone instrument with an integrated color touchscreen
  • Overhead white, green, red and blue LEDs come as standard in the series
  • Includes Ethidium Bromide emission filter in an easy-to-access filter wheel with up to five positions
  • Includes unlimited copies of VisionWorks® Software, with comprehensive features, optimizes image acquisition and analysis
  • Unmodified raw data is collected, giving users the choice of applying image enhancement tools

The UVP ChemStudio systems were built with flexibility in mind, providing RGB detection as standard. These Chemiluminescent imaging systems offer high-resolution and sensitive imaging of gels, western blots, colorimetry, fluorescent westerns, NIR, colony plates, plants, IR dyes, and a wide range of fluorescent dyes. No matter your preferred research method, the UVP ChemStudio product family was built to streamline your protocol from detection to analysis, providing the most accurate quantitation of data for an unlimited range of applications.

Multiple illumination sources–Each UVP ChemStudio system comes with a 302 nm UV transilluminator and overhead RGBW LEDs as standard enabling a wide scope of fluorescent and nonfluorescent imaging applications. Optional NIR laser modules with excitation wavelengths of 660 nm and 787 nm are available to allow multiplex lighting for IR1 and IR2. The included Ethidium Bromide emission filter allows for imaging of the most common applications; additional filters are available for extended applications.

High performance cameras and software–Optimize your application by choosing between two high performance deeply cooled camera options. These cameras are extremely sensitive and deliver uncompromised raw data, promising the highest quantitative value. The UVP ChemStudio imagers are operated using VisionWorks® Software, guaranteeing powerful capture, quantitating and analysis. Application-based icons for automation, which are included in the software package, offer one-touch capture. The software allows for creating custom icons and workflows based on users’ needs. Extensive image enhancement and analysis tools give users control to personalize their experiments and make use of enhancement and annotation features including noise reduction, background subtraction, inversion, pseudocolor, compositing and more.

Certifications: CSA certified. CE compliant.
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