Insect Rearing Chambers, Caron Products

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Insect Rearing Chambers, Caron Products
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Caron's new 7340-Series Insect Rearing Chambers provide the results users need, without all the usual hassle.

  • Ideal for insects
  • Clean chamber design
  • Facility friendly

Near-ideal rearing conditions, from chambers purpose-built for a challenging and often messy application. Caron provides maximum corrosion protection, with an all-stainless steel chamber, and a state-of-the-art conformal coated refrigeration coil.

The Clean Chamber design makes all interior components, even optional lights, snap out without tools. This ensures simple and straightforward cleanup. Caron also offers a unique H2O2-based cycle option, providing validatable chamber sterilization in 2 hours, with no post-cycle cleanup. Available LED chamber lighting options include a unique "no blue" package that eliminates the visual spectra found to harm both fly larvae and adults. Diurnal programming is through Caron's signature color touchscreen controls, which are intuitive and easy to navigate. Additional chamber options include controlled humidification/dehumidification, analog and digital outputs, light-tight door covers, and one-handed door latches and locks.

Like all Caron chambers, the 7340 Series is designed to be facility-friendly, with a choice between 25 cu.ft. units that roll through a standard door on casters, and 33 cu.ft. units built for maximum capacity. Units are easy to use, requiring minimal training, and plug into standard 115 and 208/220 V wall outlets.

Accessories information: Accessories available separately.
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