WFI Sampler, Avantor Fluid Handling

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
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WFI Sampler, Avantor Fluid Handling
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WFI Samplers are an easy and convenient solution for obtaining perfect fluid samples from a WFI water drop.

  • Class VI Compliant Materials: made from AdvantaFlex tubing
  • Polypropylene fitting is inert and strong
  • Silicone tubing and gasket: unlike TPE materials, silicone will not contribute to TOC counts
  • Gamma-irradiation eliminates additional bio-burden concerns
  • Certified free from any animal derived components or processes

Each WFI Sampler is double-polypouched for cleanroom use, and irradiated. The fittings utilize the SterilEnz-II/AT fitting platform, which is pre-gasketed. This means a quick fit to the water system or equipment without further contamination or gasket hassles.

Certifications: USP 88 Class VI Biological Test for Plastics. USP 87 MEM Elution Test. USP 661.

Packaging: Individually double-poly pouched.
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