Process Reaction Vessels, Jacketed, Chemglass

Supplier: Chemglass
CG-1930-30 CG-1930-34 CG-1968-81 CG-1968-61 CG-1930-33 CG-1930-35 CG-1930-31 CG-1968-99 CG-1930-32 CG-1968-97 CG-1968-95
47733-974EA 16332.55 USD
47733-974 16002-854 47733-832 47733-942 16002-858 47733-834 16002-946 47733-836 16002-856 16002-944 16002-948
Process Reaction Vessels, Jacketed, Chemglass
Reaction Vessels Reaction Vessels, Cylindrical Shape
Cylindrical, jacketed, large scale reaction vessel with sealed on valve are complete with a TFE plug having perfluoro chemically resistant o-rings.

Flush bottom (zero dead space) valves are designed to prevent solids from collecting in the bottom of the vessel. Vessels are serial numbered and have a graduation scale on both sides showing the approximate volume. The inlet/outlet of the vessels are beaded pipe fittings for use with the beaded pipe adapters.
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