Biotrans(+) Nylon Membrane, MP Biomedicals

Supplier: MP Biomedicals
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Biotrans(+) Nylon Membrane, MP Biomedicals
Transfer Membranes
BIOTRANS(+) nylon membrane is used for alkaline, Western, and Improved Southern Blots.

Biotrans™ membranes are reinforced nylon 66 membranes for use in DNA, RNA and protein transfers. The physical characteristics of Biotrans membranes make them especially useful as a transfer medium. Biotrans membranes provide excellent band resolution due to their uniform and carefully controlled pore rating. The membranes are inherently hydrophilic and therefore do not require prewetting prior to use. Biotrans membranes are also heat resistant and solvent-resistant and will not shrink, crack or tear thus allowing multiple hybridization cycles to be performed.

Biotrans (+) membrane is ideally suited to new rapid transfer techniques for nucleic acid which provide excellent levels of sensitivity (e.g. Alkaline Transfer Procedure ). In addition, the membrane's immediate immobilization characteristics make it suitable for prolonged transfer procedures without the risk of nucleic acid diffusion from the membrane.
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