His-Spin Protein Kits, Zymo Research

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His-Spin Protein Kits, Zymo Research
Protein Purification Protein Purification Kits
A method for fast His-tagged protein purification.

  • Fast (5 minute) method for the purification of His-tagged proteins from cell free extracts
  • Screen bacterial colonies directly on the basis of protein expression vs. plasmid DNA
  • No special instrumentation is required other than a benchtop microcentrifuge

The His-Spin Protein Miniprep™ provides researchers with a method for fast His-tagged protein purification. The easy-to-follow procedure is based on a nickel-charged His-Affinity Gel (IMAC), innovative protein purification, and unique Zymo-Spin™ Column technology. Up to 1 mg of His-tagged protein can be purified in as little as 5 minutes and can be eluted into as little as 100 μL of the provided His-Elution Buffer. The purified protein can be used directly for enzymatic assays, protein biochemical analyses, SDS-PAGE, as well as other protein based applications. The His-Spin Protein Miniprep™ has been optimized to yield maximal protein purity indices: a single protein band is often visualized following Coomassie Blue staining of proteins in SDS-PAGE gel. The straightforward spin-wash-elute protocol dramatically simplifies protein purification and results are obtained in minutes, not hours!
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