3M™ Zeta Plus™ SP Series Filter Cartridge, 3M

Supplier: 3M Purification
Zeta Plus™
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3M™ Zeta Plus™ SP Series Filter Cartridge, 3M
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Zeta Plus™ SP Series Filter Cartridges to provide optimal clarification of pharmaceutical, biological, bioprocess and cosmetic fluids. They are constructed with Zeta Plus™ SP Series depth filtration media, composed of inorganic filter aid, cellulose and a resin system that imparts a positive charge to the filter matrix, aiding its adsorption of negatively charged contaminants.

  • Pharmaceutical-grade filters that exhibit high contaminant-holding capacity and provide economical filtration and reliable particle reduction
  • Retains contaminants by both mechanical entrapment and electrokinetic adsorption
  • Zeta Plus SP Series filter cartridge media is offered in a full range of scalable capsule and cartridge filter configurations, enabling pilot testing and scale-up using the same materials as in full-scale systems

Incorporating features of the standard Zeta™ Plus S Series filter cartridges, we manufacture the Zeta Plus SP Series filter cartridges to controls prescribed in 3M Purification's Drug Master Files on record with the FDA.

Certificates of Quality are included with every filter. The Zeta Plus SP Series filter cartridges have complete lot-to-lot traceability and meet the requirements for USP Class VI Biological Reactivity Tests. Our family of Zeta Plus™ SP Series filter cartridges are composed of advanced cellulose-based depth filtration media, designed to retain contaminants by both mechanical entrapment and electrokinetic adsorption. Zeta Plus filter media is composed of high surface area filter aids embedded in a cellulose fiber matrix. During the manufacturing process, the resin system incorporated into the filter media imparts a positive charge to the filter matrix to permanently form an interconnected filtration structure with positively charged electrokinetic capture sites. The resulting porous depth filter is a complex network of charge-enhanced flow channels capable of removing bacteria, particulate, cellular debris and submicronic contaminants to a level which mechanical screening alone cannot achieve.

Zeta Plus Construction: Our cartridges are constructed from individual cells of Zeta Plus™ SP Series filter media assembled together with polypropylene ring seals under predetermined compression and unitized by three, 316 stainless steel bands. Each cell is constructed using polypropylene molded edge seals and separators for high performance. Additional gasket material options are available.

Zeta Plus SP Series filter media is available in a broad range of micron ratings to meet coarse, medium or fine clarification applications. Optimum flow rates vary by application, but in general, lower flux rates often result in longer service life, greater throughputs and superior system economics.

Zeta Plus Scalability:
We also offer a range of cartridge sizes, making scale-up easy and predictable, from laboratory scale to pilot plant, and from pilot plant to full production. Filter cartridges are available in 8", 12", and 16" diameters, with surface areas ranging from 650 cm² to 3.9 m² (0.7 ft² to 42.2 ft²) per cartridge to make scale-up straight forward and predictable.
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