KjelMaster K-375/376 for Automated Kjeldahl Analysis, Büchi

Supplier: Büchi

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KjelMaster K-375/376 for Automated Kjeldahl Analysis, Büchi
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BUCHI KjelMaster/KjelSampler K-375/K376 provides solutions designed for convenient nitrogen and protein analysis

  • Compliant and flexible ‘plug-and-measure’ titration concept (colorimetric/potentiometric)
  • Shortest time-to-result due to well synchronized process steps
  • Different access levels of authorization according to GLP requirements
  • Simple LIMS integration and traceable data recording
  • Data security supported by intelligent software
  • Automatic sample analysis for up to 24 samples
  • Steam transfer of sample from KjelSampler, electronic regulation of steam output 30 - 100%

The K-375 is ready to use instrument with steam generator, titrator, pumps for dosage of alkali, boric acid, water plus an integrated titration system. Once analysis is complete, automatic aspiration of sample and receiver vessels readies the instrument for the next sample. Can be coupled with the K-376 and/or K-376/377 Autosampler(s) for full automation. Includes glass splash protector and potentiometric probe (can be configured with plastic protector and/or colorimetric probe).

The Touch Screen makes method development simple. Real time graphics display helps to monitor and map distillation and titration. This helps to optimize methods and monitor ongoing sample analysis. The system can be coupled with the 24 position Autosampler to provide for unattended sample processing. An additional 4 positions come standard for Emergency/QC samples in addition to the primary rack.

Certifications: CE and CSA Compliant.
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