K-415 Scrubber TripleScrub, Buchi

Supplier: Büchi

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K-415 Scrubber TripleScrub, Buchi
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The K-415 TripleScrub is a three-step gas scrubbing instrument with a powerful pump and condensation, neutralization and adsorption steps

  • Broad range of applications due to the four cleaning steps
  • Step 1: Pre-condensation of fumes
  • Step 2: Neutralization of acid or alkaline fumes
  • Step 3: Adsorption of organic or inorganic substances
  • Step 4: Redox-reactions of specific fumes

The built-in vacuum pump draws off the gases and vapors produced in chemical reactions. The suction performance of the pump can be regulated via a bypass valve on the backside of the instrument. The used air is directly lead into an exhaust or into the open air through a silencer.

The Scrubber K-415, with up to four cleaning steps provides maximum safety. It protects the user and the environment not only by neutralizing the poisonous fumes and reaction gases but also by minimizing the use of cooling water.

Certifications: CE and CSA Compliant.

Ordering information: “ECO” versions of the K-415 are available and equipped with a cooling water control unit that allows an automatic start and stop of the cooling water flow, triggered by the digester. Contact your Avantor representative for more information.
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