UVP Blak-Ray® Bench and Mineralight® Display Lamps, Analytik Jena

Supplier: Analytik Jena
UVP Blak-Ray®
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UVP Blak-Ray® Bench and Mineralight® Display Lamps, Analytik Jena
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Ultra-Violet lamps are a reliable and effective tool for sterilization and sanitation applications in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing floors, fraud detection, offices and clinics. These lamps boast the highest power and performance of any lamp available. The creators of the UVP Blak-Ray® Bench Lamps, have been the industry leader, expert and largest supplier of ultra-violet lamps, since 1932.

UVP Blak-Ray Bench (XX-Series) and Mineralight® Lamps, combine a simple design and dependable operation

The XX-15L model is designed for UV curing and photochemical applications where filtering of ambient light is not required. The BLB models use two 15W, 20W, or 40W self-filtering BLB tubes for creating fluorescent displays or for non-destructive testing. 352nm BLB tubes are available for the XX-15 fixture. The 352nm BLB tubes are customized for inspection and testing applications.

UVP Mineralight® Display lamps use two 25-watt high performance tubes, providing hours of UV illumination. These are customized for fluorescence, sterilization and inspection applications. Each lamp comes with adjustable handles and mounting bracket for hanging to a ceiling or other structure, for overhead illumination.
The UVP Mineralight lamp (UVGD-68), uses a high-intensity, shortwave quartz grid lamp. The high-performance lamp provides 20,000 hours of use. The lamp has a fast start-up and has a large, uniform area of coverage. The UVG Long Life T Filter is included for purchase. Perfect for large gem and mineral displays.

Both groups of lamps feature a complete selection of sizes, models, wavelengths and wattage.

Certifications: CSA certified. CE compliant. All 115V models are ETL and ETLc approved. All 230V models are CE approved.

Accessories information: Additional accessories are available:

Visit the UVP Blak-Ray Fluorescent Inks page for details on available fluorescent inks and re-admittance inks.

Exposure Stand for the XX-15 Series Lamps: Provides a platform for UV fluorescence experimention. The shelf is adjustable to different levels for repeatable exposure of samples.

UV transmitting filter cover: allows use for fluorescence applications.

UV Blocking Eyewear - Eye and face protection is essential for anyone working with ultraviolet sources. Shortwave UV radiation especially can cause delayed reaction of sunburn to unprotected eyes and skin.

UV Intensity Meters - UV meters measures the intensity of UV light sources. Measurement of the lamp irradiance is the most effective way to monitor the useful life of any UV light source.

Filter for XX-15S: 38-0172-02.

Ordering information: One year warranty.
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