VWR® Bead Sterilizers

Supplier: VWR International
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75999-330EA 1062.09 USD
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VWR® Bead Sterilizers
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Research sterilizer for needles, forceps, tweezers, and other laboratory tools.

  • Digital control of temperature up to 300 °C eliminates the need for flame sterilization

The VWR® Micro Sterilizer is a fast and efficient instrument for sterilizing small research tools including forceps, needles, and tweezers. With a powerful heating element that can quickly reach temperatures as high as 300 °C, this bead sterilizer can reduce the presence of bacteria, spores, and micro-organisms. The unit's chamber temperature is viewed on a large LED panel and heat can be controlled using the control knob. Also available as an "XL" model for sterilizing larger/taller tools.

Certifications: CE marked.

Accessories information: Extra glass beads are available separately.
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